Sign Repair and Installation

Great Lakes has been providing quality sign repair and installation services for more than 25 years. We offer repairs and installations for all types of signs including digital, fluorescent, neon, LED, billboards and architectural. We can handle the installation or repair of any sign large or small. With lift capabilities as large as 75 tons and cranes capable of over 200 feet no sign installation is too large for Great Lakes.

Great lakes offers all types of commercial sign repairs including digital, neon, fluorescent and LED.

The examples in our gallery includes one of our newest cranes, a Manitex 35124C. This crane was purchased with national sign companies in mind as it’s main use will be sign installations. With a 124′ boom length and 135′ reach at 80 degrees, this crane is perfect for high rise installations such as highway gas stations and hotels. This cranes features include a 4 man basket and a state of the art digital PS160 LMI system which overrides the crane in the event that it is performing an unsafe operation. It also tells the operator exactly how much of the boom is out, how high the boom is from the ground, what angle the boom is at and how much it is lifting. Where most sign companies would have to rent a crane like this in order to perform high rise installations, Great Lakes now has one on hand.

This is a perfect example of Great Lakes’ versatility. We were contracted in 2006 to handle all aspects of providing this 10′ x 30′ billboard. From start to finish we handled the entire process including running the electrical, auging the hole for the base, pouring the foundation, constructing the billboard, installing the billboard, applying the graphics and the entire permit process.