Lighting Repair and Maintenance

Great Lakes Electrical has been providing quality lighting services in Michigan and Ohio since 1981. We service all your interior and exterior lighting systems needs no matter how large or small they are. The maintenance packages we have are specifically suited to your lighting needs to achieve maximum energy conservation for your system. For floodlight repair and installation click here. Energy efficient lighting will save you money on your monthly lighting bill. In addition to our maintenance plans we offer repairs, installations, relamps and upgrades for all types of lighting and for any size business. Contact us today, we will provide you with quote on a repair or maintenance package, and start saving money on your monthly electrical costs. Read the Michigan “Small Businesses Guide” to energy efficiency, or do the “Quick and Easy Energy Saving Checklist” for Small Businesses.

lighting repair service

Exterior lighting can be just as much of an attraction at night as a well lit sign. When a potential customer drives past your business, a well lit parking lot can draw attention to you as opposed to a dark parking lot going unnoticed and often giving the impression that the business is not open. Poor lighting for your locations exterior can also present a hazard for your customers and employees at night. Needless to say crime is more likely to occur in an area without proper lighting and it is also more common for accidents to occur when people cannot see possible hazards such as potholes, wet spots etc. Great Lakes offers quick response time to service calls insuring that your parking lot is safe for everyone.